Monday, May 21, 2012

Week 2 of Interning

I started Week 2 of my internship today and it has been nonstop! Whenever a client has an event, not only do we write the news release to be sent out to all of our different media contacts but we also create a calendar release to be sent out to many different community and social sites to be put on their events calendar. I kind of wish that these sites operated like the Common App - put all the info in once and then click send but sadly it does not! 22 times I had to input all the information for the event into the different sites. Although the work was tedious, it taught me how much really goes into having a client. Not only do you have to make sure they are held in the best light, but also that their events are being put out there and that the public knows about it. Another cool thing about putting events into different sites calendars are that some ask you to generate a list of "key words." These are words that a viewer may type in and my posting would be generated from it, almost how Google works. This was fun to create because I had to think like someone who would be attending my event, not just the intern.

My boss likes to have me do research for her as well. Today I researched radio stations in South Florida that we did not already have media contacts with as well as different hamburger contests and events! It seems silly when thinking about what I have been doing for the past week but my boss knows what she's doing!

My favorite thing that I will do later in the week is generate Facebook posts for our website and all of our clients pages to be able to post in the future. This is fun because I am able to do some interesting research about different holidays, events, etc. happening all over and apply them to the customer.

So far, everything is great! Check out to check out some of the things I've been working on!

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