Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Life of an Intern

This Monday, I started my summer internship at Kaye Communications and it has been everything I've hoped and dreamed. Almost everything that I have learned in my Foundations of Strategic Communications and Principles of Marketing courses have helped me in my work. This really shows how High Point University is preparing its students for the real world, work life. After the introductions with the other people in the office, we found a great connection! The other intern, Jennifer, a rising senior at Univeristy of Florida, is also an Alpha Chi Omega. Not only is my co-worker a fun and interesting person to work with but a sister as well! This week I have been doing a lot of writing, which I love. I've been given press releases to edit and to my surprise, my boss Bonnie loved them! It's pretty cool that my work will be released all over the internet and possibly in print. My other boss Jon has been teaching me techniques for writing releases which will be so helpful in the future. I also learned how to work the coolest machine in the world called a Neat machine. This scans business cards, receipts, and any documents you want and converts them into digital PDF's as well as an online contact book. As silly as it sounds, I was able to put in over 50 contacts into the company's online contact book. Although this is a small task, it will be really helpful to the company as a whole. Today, I answered the phone for the first time, which was a bit scary because I was fearful of what questions the caller might have had, but thankfully I only had to take a message! For a communications major and someone that never shuts up, why would I have been scared to answer the phone!

Another cool thing that happened this week was that I turned 20 on Tuesday! After a long day of work, I met my dad and grandma for dinner on Atlantic at Cut 432, where we dined on delicious salads and chops. I was able to get my birthday wish from a candle stuck into the most delicious piece of Marscapone cheesecake. Paired with French-press coffee, the dessert was lovely. I had a great birthday celebration and am looking forward to the year ahead!

Make a Wish!

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