Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day One: Punta Cana

Today was our first full day in Punta Cana. After a somewhat restless night with no air conditioning and a few bed crawlers (actually though!) we met up with our guide Yves (who called himself Yves Saint Laurent) to get breakfast and take a tour of the hotel. Little did we know that we would be passed along to many different representatives, ultimately ending with Rafael. He took us to the beautiful Reserve where we had a breakfast of gorgeous fresh fruits, cheeses, and juices. We then toured the property. I have to say, I could get used to the tropical life. Despite living in Florida, the lifestyle here is even more relaxed. After filling out lots of paperwork, we eventually were able to be moved into The Reserve section of the hotel and are now able to travel to any of the Melia hotels around the world. I'm already planning Spring Break with the crew from High Point. We had lunch at the Italian restaurant here. I had fresh chicken raviolis with homemade pesto sauce on top! We made our way back to our highly air conditioned (much appreciated) room, unpacked, and made our way to the pool. Laying on a two-person lounge chair we snacked on grilled chicken sausages. Not a bad way to end an afternoon! Tonight we are going to see a Michael Jackson show at the main hotel. So far, I am loving Punta Cana! Everyone should get to see a tropical island like this once in their life. Even though most people say that going on vacation means being completely cut off from the world, I still enjoy having wifi on my laptop and phone. I am excited for all that there is to come! Tomorrow we are being treated at the Royal Palma Resort to a lobster and steak dinner with Rafael and on Tuesday we are getting moonlight massages on the beach! What a beautiful place to be :)

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